Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiptoes, Jeremy Mouse, Pine Cone & Pepper Pot

Tiptoes sat on a lily pad at the edge of Soggy Mire. She swished her feet in the water and sang her Water Lily Song:

'I wish to be a water lily
A-floating on a pool,
And have the goldfish
Swish my feet
And make me feel all cool.'

We have been enjoying "The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly" by Reg Down lately. While this book was published just a few years ago, in 2004, it is written in the spirit of the simple past. It is about a fairy named Tiptoes Lightly and her friend, Jeremy Mouse, who help others on their adventures, overcoming challenges by working together. It is sweet, imaginative and simple. The stories are broken down into two or three page chapters, encompassing three tales: "The Bee who lost his Buzz", "Pumpkin Crow", and "Lucy Goose and the Half-egg". There are several Tiptoes books in the series. The short chapters make it wonderful for bedtime reading - though I've found that the girls will often want me to continue past each chapter of each tale...

The characters quickly came alive for the twins. They immediately loved the two gnomes who help Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse - Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, so I decided I'd felt some characters for them to act out the scenes with...hence I began with the two gnomes...

I decided to make them with pipe cleaners, wooden beads, and felt. I also wanted them to stand freely, so I cut cardboard feet and held them in place with a paperclip while the glue dried the two cut outs together. Here is my progress:

Afterwards, I roughly stitched on some felt clothes for them.
This is Pine Cone. I deviated from their colors listed in the book to go for more of a representation of what their names meant to us. Pine Cone had to be in the brown tones...here he is up our pine tree!

And for Pepper Pot, we decided the grey flaked fleece looked like ground pepper...

Then, I set to work on Jeremy Mouse, but since the girls are such animal lovers, they each wanted their own Jeremy Mouse, so I made two. Here is the first one.

And finally, Tiptoes had to come to life...I based her coloring off of the book cover.

When we read from the book, the girls will act it out with their characters and it has really endeared them more to the tales. I'd highly recommend this series for those young children with one foot in the creative fantasy realm.

And for the Waldorfians out there, in chapter 1, Tiptoes says her prayers upon waking up and says the beautiful verse written by Steiner in loose translation from German:

"Angel of God who is guarding me
Be thou a bright flame before me
Be thou a shining star above me
Be thou a smooth path below me
Be thou a kind shepherd behind me
Today, tonight and forever."

Sweet dreams...


  1. Jen, oh, yes, this book is wonder-full. Reg used to work at the school I worked at, and he would tell these stories while doing eurythmy with us in the kindergarten. And he would end each class with that prayer. It was enchanting! So interesting to hear that your children act them out--his movement carries through the page. Amazing....

  2. Hi Jen
    We so love the Tiptoes Lightly books here. Reg Down's books are treasures. How beautifully you created Tiptoes, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and little Jeremy. Your girls must be delighted. Fantastic!

  3. Hi Jen, We love this book and the characters too. In fact, all of Reg Down's books! How beautifully you have created Tiptoes, Pinecone and Pepper Pot and little Jermey. Your girls must be delighted! Fantastic!

  4. Jenell - how COOL that you know Reg. What a gift to hear him tell his tales in person to the children. I'd LOVE to hear more about your experiences at the school!

    And Kelly - aren't they great books?!? It makes me so happy to see how much children enjoy the creations we make for them and with them. I have definitely noticed that my girls are so much more "in tuned" with nature and the creative realm since we added Waldorf to our lives. :) Sometimes I wonder even who loves it more - them or me - LOL! It's like a second childhood!!!!

    Thanks for commenting, Mammas!

  5. Our family really enjoys this book series as well. I love your beautiful creations! They are so sweet and well crafted!

  6. Jennifer, you are so very talented, I love the little characters you have created, they are absolutely beautiful! Your girls must love them and your little mouse is too cute...



  7. Hi Jennifer,
    I'm collecting photos of reader's craft and art work for Tiptoes' website? Can I use yours from this blog?
    Thanks for the kind comments!

  8. Wow - I'm so flattered, Mr. Down...absolutely you can use any of these. Your creative gifts have added so much to the lives of my children and for that, I will always be grateful to you!
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  9. Hi Jennifer - I never saw your reply! It was years ago! Sorry! But now I have and I've copied the photos (they are lovely!) and will make a separate album (with links and credits, of course) of your work. I'll let you know when the album is up and running. All the best - Reg

  10. Hi Jennifer - okay, the photos are up in their own album. Thanks - Reg